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My food fascination started as a young child, according to my Mum, who always laughs when reminiscing about her first child making scones with Granny, not allowing wee sister Nichole to even touch a single ingredient!

A career in food was never really on the cards until, against my will I may add, all of a sudden I was a fishmonger in a huge supermarket in Belfast.  Training up on fish has probably been my most important culinary step, one that sparked the realisation that food would play a huge part in my life.

University nearly got in my way, but led to a fantastic voyage in food via jobs in food marketing, restaurants, and a brief spell in Bilbao, working with some great brands, innovative companies and exciting chefs, all of which has added to my culinary journey from marketing professional to food creative, culminating in undertaking professional patisserie training with a former Michelin-starred chef in 2014.